EEA Applications

EEA Applications

We are specialists in preparing all applications for EEA nationals and their family members. As an EEA national you have the right of free movement under EU law and you can live in the United Kingdom providing you are:

  • A worker;
  • A self-employed person;
  • A student;
  • A jobseeker; or
  • A self-sufficient person

An EEA national is also entitled to be joined in the United Kingdom by their family members. The type family members that an EEA national is entitled to bring to the United Kingdom is much less restrictive than under the Immigration Rules. Different rules apply for immediate family members of EEA nationals (such as their spouse, civil partner or children) and extended family members (such as unmarried partners). Contact us for advice about the process and evidence required to bring your family members to the United Kingdom.

An EEA national living in the United Kingdom can apply for a Registration Certificate as confirmation that they are exercising their free movement rights. A family member of an EEA national can apply for a Residence Card confirming their right to be in the United Kingdom. After an EEA national or their family member has exercised their rights in the United Kingdom for 5 years they can apply for Permanent Residence. The Home Office now require an EEA national to apply for Permanent Residence before they can apply for British citizenship.

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