Human rights law

Human rights law

You may be entitled to remain in the UK, because removal will be a breach of your Human Rights under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). The most common applications based on the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) are those made under Article 8, which concerns a person’s rights to a family and private life.

The most common family life applications involve the relationships between partners and parents and children although other family relationships can fall within the scope of Article 8, particularly where there is dependency.

Applications based on private life typically involve periods of long residence in the United Kingdom.

The Home Office has tried to incorporate applications made under article 8 into the immigration rules. This is a complex area of law and you can still succeed even if your case does not fit within the strict criteria in the immigration rules.

You may also be entitled to make an application based on a lack of medical care in your home country although the courts have set an extremely high standard in such cases.

All human rights applications require extensive immigration law knowledge and must to be prepared very thoroughly. This is particularly true for applications made outside the immigration rules. It is imperative that the correct evidence is submitted to support the application.

Using our in-depth knowledge of human rights law, HS Immigration Consultants can help you to make the best possible application, whether it is under the immigration rules or outside of them.

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