Points Based System

Points based system

Please note – the points based system has been replaced. This page is for historical information purposes only.

The Points Based System (PBS) manages migration for those non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who enter the UK for work or study. The PBS is separated into 5 Tiers (although Tier 3 has never been implemented). People applying under the PBS must score a certain amount of points in their category to be successful. The points required differs from Tier to Tier.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a full right of appeal if an application is refused under the PBS, instead an applicant must apply for administrative review. In an administrative review a refusal will not be overturned if the applicant has failed to provide a specified document or made an error with their application. It is therefore crucial to ensure that any application made under the PBS is prepared, thoroughly checked and submitted by a qualified and experienced immigration specialist to avoid refusal of the application and loss of fees paid.

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