About us

About HS Immigration Consultants

HS Immigration Consultants provide high quality, specialist advice in all areas of immigration law for individuals and companies alike. We are fully regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and skills pertaining to this field, whether you are making an application from within the UK or you are sponsoring someone to come to the UK to visit, join family, work or study we can help. We have vast experience of EEA law and provide specialist advice to EEA nationals and their family members wanting to secure their futures in the United Kingdom following Brexit. We specialise in advising and representing those who have claimed asylum with their initial claims and onward appeals. We can also assist you if you are detained and if you are facing deportation from the United Kingdom.

We always represent our clients to the best of our abilities, leaving no stone unturned as we attempt to win your case. We understand how important our client’s cases are and we care about their outcome. We recognise that the areas of law in which we work are ever changing, so remaining updated on the most recent news, trends and developments is fundamental to our continued success.

Our Core Values:

Quality – We are committed to provide the highest quality immigration services to our clients.

Trustworthy – We will ensure that we complete all work in accordance with the commitment to our clients. We will, at all times, act ethically and in the best interests of our clients. We will, at all times, protect our client’s confidentially.

Reliability – We will ensure that all of our client’s receive reliable and timely service and that the quality of our service is consistently at the highest level.

Integrity – We act with honesty at all time. We do not make promises that cannot be delivered and we will always provide an honest appraisal to our clients.

Cost predictability – We will offer a fixed fee to our clients to ensure they are able to budget in advance and are not met with unexpected costs.