British citizenship

British citizenship

Becoming a British citizen should be an extremely proud moment for anyone. After becoming a British citizen, you can stay in the UK permanently without any immigration restrictions and you will enjoy the same rights, freedoms and travel opportunities as other British citizens. Whilst the UK allows dual citizenship some other countries do not, so it is important that you check with your own government about whether you will lose their citizenship if you become British.

There are two ways to become a British citizen:

  1. Naturalisation
  2. Registration

Registration is usually a less complicated procedure, but a person still needs to be eligible. In most cases, an adult will apply for naturalisation and a child will apply to register as a British citizen (although some adults can register as British citizens). For more information please follow the links above.

You, or your child, may be a British citizen already meaning you do not need to apply for citizenship. Please contact us to discuss your case and to find out if you are already a British citizen.

You cannot appeal a refusal of an application for British citizenship, although you can ask for reconsideration if you think a mistake has been made. Because of this, and the high fees involved, it is very important that your application is prepared properly, and the evidence needed is sent to the Secretary of State.

It is advisable to seek specialist immigration advice when preparing an application for British citizenship. At HS Immigration Consultants we have many years’ experience of helping people complete this final step and become British citizens.

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