UK Student Visas

UK Student Visas

There are several visa routes available to people wanting to study in the United Kingdom, or to remain in the United Kingdom after they have completed their studies:

  1. Student visa
  2. Child Student visa
  3. Graduate visa

The Student Visa route is for people aged 16 or over who want to study on a course of higher education in the United Kingdom. The Child Student route is for a person aged between 4 and 17 who wants to study at an independent school in the UK, which is a student sponsor. The Graduate route is for a student who wants to remain in the UK to work, or look for work, after the successful completion of their study at UK bachelor’s degree-level or above. Please click on the links above for more information about each route.

Appeal rights

There is no full right of appeal if an student visa application is refused, instead you must apply for administrative review. In an administrative review a refusal will not be overturned if the applicant has failed to provide a specified document or made an error with their application. It is therefore crucial to ensure that any application is well prepared, thoroughly checked, and submitted by a qualified and experienced immigration specialist to avoid refusal of the application and loss of fees paid.

Further information and advice

If you have any questions about UK Student visas or if you would like to talk about your case and to discuss how we can help you, please call us on 0121 698 2187 or alternatively email us at

You can also use our free immigration advice service (this is suitable for general enquiries about immigration requirements and not for preparation of an application for leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom).