Long residence and private life applications

Long residence and private life applications

The immigration rules recognise that over time a person forms ties with the United Kingdom. You can apply for leave to remain based on your long residence and private life in the United Kingdom.

Applications based on lawful residence

After 10 years of lawful residence, you can apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain). You must meet the English language and life in the UK requirements. In addition, you must not fall under the general grounds of refusal.

Your lawful residence does not need to have been in the same category throughout your time in the UK although it must be continuous.

Our immigration advisers can help you to establish if you meet 10 years’ continuous lawful residence requirement and to explain how to calculate it.

Applications based on private life

If you are currently in the United Kingdom without valid leave to remain you may be able to make an application under the immigration rules based on your length of residence. There are four ways in which you can be eligible for limited leave to remain based on your length of residence:

  1. You have lived in the UK for 20 years continuously. This replaced 14 years of continuous residence in the UK policy since 9 July 2012.
  2. As a child under 18 years old who has lived in the UK for continuous 7 years and it would be unreasonable to expect you to leave the UK.
  3. Someone 18 years old or over, but under 25 and you have spent half of your life in the UK.
  4. Someone 18 or over and have lived in the UK less than 20 years, but there would be very significant obstacles for you to integrate into your home country.

Applications made based on private life / long residence are unique and complex. You must provide significant evidence to establish the period of residence or the significant obstacles to integration abroad.

If you do not meet the strict requirements of the immigration rules you may still be able to make an application outside the rules based on your significant ties to the United Kingdom.

Using our in-depth knowledge of human rights law, HS Immigration Consultants can help you to make the best possible application, whether it is under the immigration rules or outside of them.

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