Asylum seekers and refugees

Asylum seekers and refugees

A person fearing persecution or serious harm in their home country is entitled to claim asylum in the United Kingdom. Their claim will be assessed by UK Visas and Immigration and a decision will be made by them. At HS Immigration Consultants, we draw on many years’ experience representing asylum seekers from all over the world. We understand that the asylum process can be scary and confusing and we do everything that we can to help our clients through the process. Our dedicated approach using thorough preparation and attention to detail will help you to put your case forward in the best light.

We can help you at any stage of the asylum process, whether you have recently claimed asylum or if your claim has been refused and you are looking for advice about your options. A member of our dedicated team can assist you with any of the following:

  • Initial asylum claims
  • Fresh asylum claims
  • Asylum appeals
  • Refugee settlement (indefinite leave to remain) applications
  • Family reunion applications
  • Travel document applications

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